Sunday, August 8, 2010

Random Shot #37 - the Big Orange No More?

Day & Ross, that hard charging trucking subsidiary of the McCain french fry potato empire, has jumped onto the highway doubles band wagon. As one of the biggest shippers around (they claim 1,000 tractors in their ads) exceeding the size of Midland, Sunbury and Armour, it is hardly surprising that they would do so. They move a lot of freight besides french fries.

What is surprising is that they seem to have forsaken their trademark "Big Orange" colour scheme in the process. Their famous orange and black scheme identified them from miles off - even with such recent interlopers as Skelton and Schneider.

Now here they are in plane jane, factory vanilla -too bad.

The predictable Freightliner Columbia also puts then on the boring list. [Correction Cascadia - brain fog again!]

This shot was taken this afternoon in Burnside at the doubles terminal, not at the usual D&R terminal.
Post script
After my comments a while back on on the 25 meter length limit in Nova Scotia, it should be pointed out that Long Combination Vehicles (such as shown above and in the masthead) are allowed by special permit only, and only on designated roads. A 40m length limit for A-train or B-train configuration is allowed-which permits two 53 foot trailers, but leaves room for only a day cab. The designated roads are divided highways and certain approach roads. For more see:

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  1. Mac,

    That there ain't a Columbia, mate! That's a Cascadia - door handles in the vertical plane denote this!