Sunday, August 8, 2010

Random Shot #36 Thorsons

Thorson's Vehicle Transport are specialist auto transporters. They are famed for carrying all sorts of high end new cars and valuable antiques. They are also frequent visitors to Halifax where they pick up those Mercs, Rollers, Lambos and other luxury cars that will not be entrusted to rail transport.

Up until now I have only seen conventional tractor trailers in their fleet, with low bed moving van type trailers. So today's sight was a new one for me. A straight truck and trailer combination makes sense to add capacity for fairly light weight cargo, since it provides lots of volume within allowable length limits.

The Western Star that is under all that capacity has a low overhead sleeper, and low suspension, but is otherwise pretty standard. As with all Thorson's trucks I've seen (usually Kenworths I think) they have impressive paint jobs and are spotlessly clean. This one was parked at Lockhart's Western Star dealer in Burnside this afternoon-waiting for some work when the shop opens Monday morning.
Thorson's is an odd company - they don't advertise, don't have a web site and apparently aren't looking for business - they have all they want!

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