Monday, March 29, 2010

Is it a Mack or is it a Tor?

Beware truckspotters. What may seem to be a Mack tilt cab on the surface may in fact be a Tor!
Tor Trucks Ltd manufactures special truck chassis and then uses the Mack tilt cab. Minus the bulldog ornament and the name Mack, the cabs are the same.
Even though they seem to be in direct competition with Mack in several areas, Tor seems to just carry on trucking.
I've shown a couple of Tors at the Emergency-One factory in Ocala, Florida, awaiting completion of their Bronto Skylift towers. These Tors came complete with twin steer and set back engine.
A pair of comparable Macks were found at Simard Suspensions in Baie-St-Paul, Quebec, for installation of twin-steer axles. Another one already has its concrete pumper body installed.
Concrete pumpers seem to be a favourite for the Mack tilt cab, although refuse bodies are equally popular. Tor also does concrete pumpers - so take a closer look!
See aslo

1999 Mack at Simard Suspensions for installation of twin steer.

1998 Tor at Emergency-One in Ocala for installation of Bronto Skylift.

1997 Tor at Ocala with Bronto installed and ready for certification trials.

2001 Mack at Baie-St-Paul with Putzmeister concrete pump and triple-steer installed.

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