Saturday, June 10, 2017

Atlantic Truck Show 2017

The place to be to see the big rigs was the Atlantic Truck Show at the Moncton Colosseum, June 10 and 11. My flying visit June 11 took in most of the sights. Some highlights:

The Freightliner Western /Star display took up most of the ice surface area, but there was much more to see in other halls.

Western Star
Celebrating is 50th anniversary, Western Star pulled out the stops and brought in some stunning looking trucks.
The Bandit 5700XE stood tall next to its more traditional stable mate.

Wedged into a tight corner Big Red 6900XD deserved more space and more attention.

 Larochelle used a Western Star to carry its plow and spreader body.

The other part of Daimler Trucks North America was also front and centre:

Their new Cascadia model shared the stage with several other models.

 Volvo certainly put on a shine show, but it seemed to me that they devoted more space to their other brand:


Although not part of the Volvo Mack stand, this interesting unit was also on display: 

 Beautifully restored 1947 Mack stake side was a marked contrast to the big rigs.


Kenworths were shoehorned in but impressive even so.

Navistar International

There were lots of Internationals at the show, but almost all of them had their hoods open  when I was there, so were not photo'd.

A few other eye poppers stood out:

 A pristine GMC, complete with chrome grille was a reminder of  days gone by. 

 Autocar's history since the bankruptcy of White Motor Co in 1980 has been quite different from Western Star, but at least the name is still around.


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