Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Roll the Plows

With winter fast approaching in Halifax the plows are ready to roll.

Almost all municipalities and provincial highway departments have yellow vehicles these days, and apply their own graphics, so it is hard to say who will be running some of the new rigs I saw a while back at Parts for Trucks.

This brand new Freightliner had its wing plow mounted on a huge elevator.

Some of its front mounting gear was in the dump body - perhaps to improve the driver's line of sight for the delivery trip.

There was not much doubt about whose this unit was, because it still had Nova Scotia government markings.

Looking like a lion ready to pounce, it dwarfed some regular sized trucks at the GM engine shop.
Nova Scotia Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal runs this Autocar, with number 82675.

Meanwhile back to my summer report, I saw a number of civilian snow plows that are obviously never used for other work in the summer.

This collection of 3 Internationals and a Western Star were patiently waiting to be called in Clermont, QC by Fernand Harvey. I did not record a number on the truck at the far left, but the others are number 00-01, 95-02 and 01-01. 

Little used in Nova Scotia, but still to be found in Quebec are these wonderful Sicard snow blowers.

 This older model and the newer model below also work for Fernand Harvey of Clermont.

Both bear the familiar Sicard name and logo and are AWD with separate blower engine.

Bring on the snow!


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  1. The 2017 yellow freightliner equipped with Tenco hydraulic tilt oneway plow, hydraulically lifted wing with air lock travel positioner, and hydraulic quick coupler for oneway plow, and blue light mounted on the box is run by the Newfoundland and Labrador provincial government