Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Watson reunion - updated 2014-04-04

Ever since a large shipment of steel fabrications arrived by sea April 18 trucks from Transport Watson and Mills Heavy Hauling have been shuttling the loads to Port Daniel, QC for the McInnis cement plant that is under construction.
Up until now it has been a pair or two Watson trucks at a time:
Unit W3864 is a typical Watson Kenworth, with set-back front axle and low rise sleeper. (April 24)

W3900 features a gold stripe - something new for Watson. It also has a single stack and enclosed air cleaners. (April 24)

But today was a bonanaza with at least a dozen all getting ready to leave town after midnight when the width restrictions are lifted in town.

In addition to the usual KWs, there were also a Volvo with lowrise sleeper - number W3905

Parent company Robert also had a couple of their Volvos, not to mention an unusual International with Watson markings (W2892) on a blue background. Several other Watsons were lurking nearby including W2885 a white painted Kenworth.

There was also a service vehicle on hand, taking advantage of the wait to perfom maintenenace on several of the trucks.It is marked for parent company Robert, with Watson and Transport Rollex, Roberet's hazardous materials and waste division.

The convoy did not roll out last night after all. They were still in place this morning, with some shuffling around.

W2885 is one of the white painted KWs in the fleet.

Most of the trucks are kitted out with a tool box/headache rack and sometimes a ladder too.

This evening the trucks connected up to their loads and at least some of them appeared to be getting ready to roll.

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