Wednesday, January 20, 2016

One of each please, and a bonus

Lots of oversixe loads movbing off and on the piers inHalifax this week, but often under less than ideal lighting conditions.
At noon time today however, there were three Groupe Robert Volvos lined up at Fairview. Oddly all three were different.

One day cab in the centre, flanked by a low rise sleeper and a high rise sleeper. We don't see too many Robert trucks here, even though they are a very large Quebec company. However we do see Watson trucks (which is a division of Robert).

And that was the bonus, this dandy Watson KW. No 3878 has less chrome than its counterpart 3879 that has been here many times before.

Watson is the usual carrier for Bombardier aircraft components, and maybe Roberts were here for something else, but in view of the common ownership it is more likely they were here for fuselages too.


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