Saturday, December 19, 2015

Bell Equipment Co

The Bell Equipment Company is a big name in Africa and Asia, where its Richard's Bay factory churns out a huge variety of off-road trucks, loaders, dozers, graders, tractors, harvesters and custom equipment. Their corporate brochures shows a bewildering array of gear:   Bell Equipment Co

The company also serves Europe from its factory in Kindel, Germany, which also serves North America, and since 2012 through Wajax Equipment it Canadian dealer. The company also has partnerships with Hitachi, Liebherr and Bomag.

A recent shipment of large off road dump trucks is parked in Halifax awaiting forwarding on to dealers. Most are inconveniently located backed up to a chain link fence in the Fiarview Cove terminal, but one unit was a bit more accessible to view.

A Bell B40D articulated dump truck fresh off the ship from Europe waits for delivery. Not the biggest truck in their line, but impressive even so.


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