Thursday, October 9, 2014

Between a rock and a hard place

When it was time to move a big container hauling fork lift from one end of the Port of Halifax to the other, Logistec Stevedoring called in a tug and barge to move the big rig. Too wide and too high (and  not licensed) to travel on streets, the  giant forklift was loaded on the barge by a ramp at pier 30 and sailed gaily up to pier 9c. However there is no convenient ramp at pier 9c, so it was apparently the intention to drive the rig onto the pier at high tide, over a low curb.
All did not go well when the point of no return arrived - the rear (steering) wheels on land and the front (driving) wheels still on the barge. As the full weight of the rig bore down on one end of the barge, it went deeper in the water and the rig hung up. No amount of cajoling with smaller forklifts would get the big rig on shore.

Time to call in the big guns:

A pair of  twin steer Western Star /National Crane trucks from A.W.Leil, set up on either side and rigged slings to the lift tower.

 Ruggles towing supplied their No.1 Peterbilt with a pair of winch wires rigged to the forklift's rear axles.
And we had lift off.
The Taylor container handler (probably a model TXEC) overshadows a more typical singe pallet forklift.


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