Thursday, February 27, 2014

Scania in Halifax

A sure sign of an imminent spring is the arrival of rare birds (or in this cast trucks) from Europe. Most trucks from Europe, wisely avoid a winter arrival, so this Scania seems to be rushing it by several weeks.

That it may be a Dutch truck is hinted at by the "Kerkdriel" mud flaps on the back, but otherwise all I can say is that it is a tilt cab, with top mount sleeper and has a horsebox body.

The truck has a Nova Scotia temporary license plate taped in the front windshield, but is likely destined for farther away.

Scania is a noted Swedish truck and engine builder, but is owned in the majority by Volkswagen (MAN has a minority position).Its trucks are sold and serviced around the world, with the exception of North America, where sightings remain quite rare.


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  1. This Scania is a R144L 460 Topline - the Topline cab is the top of the range long haul sleeper cab for drivers who want maximum head room with excellent fuel economy and aerodynamics