Saturday, April 6, 2013

Still like COEs

I still like tilt cabs and COEs even if they are beasts to drive, due to cramped space and dangerous due to proximity to front bumper.

This BC plated Freightliner with big sleeper and drom is a like a blast from the past.Spotted today in the Bedford Mall parking lot. I'm not sure what the stainless steel plate just behind the driver's window is about. Maybe a vent, but those are normally vertical in that position.

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  1. To me the plate on the driver's door does not look like stainless steel but rather like a driver's sun visor from an American school bus (which I used to drive here in Germany). When you drive into the setting sun it is difficult to look into the mirrors because there is sunshine between mirror and cab. Maybe the sun visor is a home-made solution to this problem.
    The stainless steel spoilers on the corners of the cab also look home-made to me. On the right side of the cab there only is a (maybe plastic) tube. I guess that a similar plate was fixed to the tube because of its round shape to form the spoiler, and the plate on the right was lost.
    This kind of spoilers on COEs reduces wind noise and rain and dirt on the windscreen. I think in Germany they were introduced by MAN, but that's a guess.