Wednesday, March 20, 2013

New apparatus for HRM Fire and Emergency Services

On March 19, staff recommended to HRM Council the acquisition of several new pieces of apparatus over the next three years. Interestingly the reports also listed the apparatus to be replaced. Some of the latter are no longer in service, but some will be working up the new deliveries.

First on the agenda was up to11 new rescue pumpers, to be purchased from Carl Thibault over three years. There will be three in 2013, replacing 93-81E a Ford, 92-230E a Pierce Dash and 92-228E an International. The report gives no specs on the new units, but they are expected to be similar to the recently acquired (2011 order date) Carl Thibaults built on Spartan Metro Star chassis.

Next up is a a new 100 foot rear mount platform Pierce Arrow XT to be purchased through local representative MicMac Fire and Safety Source Inc.
It will replace the veteran 89-48P, a Simon LTI Phoenix, which has already been retired. This handsome and distinctive looking truck was unique to the old Halifax Fire Department and came into the HRM at amalgamation:

Last on the list will be two 75 foot Quints, also to be Pierce Arrow XTs from MicMac. They will be delivered over a two year period. The first one will go to Station 5 Bayers Road and will replace 90-58Q the last of the Emergency-One Quints. Once the pride of the fleet, these three massive trucks were the biggest ever owned by the old HRM FD.
In the HRM staff report the last remaining unit is referred to as a  "Federal". At that time Emergency-One was owned by the Federal Signal Corp. These were also the first E-Ones owned by the Halifax and were US built, whereas most of the HFD flleet were Canadian.
The second new quint will be stationed at King Street in Dartmouth but will replace 95-248Q a Pierce, based in Waverley, so presumably something from King Street will be redeployed in 2014.

To see Staff's recommendation including prices look for Agenda items 12-115, 12-117 and 12-118 at:

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