Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Mercedes update (updated)

No sooner do I post on Mercedes than I see another! Still a rare sighting, so despite the heavy snow fall I took the picture. The truck is a drilling rig owned by Foraco, a French based international drilling company, with operations in Canada. The truck had presumably arrived by ship, and was being loaded onto another truck for western Canada.

Update February 16:

Usually when I see a truck at the Fairview Cove terminal I snap it right way because it will be gone in a few hours. I was therefore suprised to see the Merc still there today. The decision was made to remove its front wheels to lower the overhead clearance, so that was going on this morning.

That gave me a chance to snap the Totran Volvo that was hauling it. Totran is based in Calagary (see http://www.totran.ca/ ) so it's likely the drill rig is going far west.


  1. Hello,

    We saw this same outfit in Picture Butte,AB today FEB 25 2011 at the tire shop.