Monday, July 26, 2010

Ford W series

1. Ford W operating as mobile chapel at the Irving Big Stop in Salisbury, NB, June 30, 2010. It no longer displays plates.
2. The same truck in Halifax, October 11, 1987.

3. A newish Ford W in Halifax May 17, 1975, loading fish.

Ford built a basic COE tilt cab back in the 1970s, called the W series. The first models had a square shaped rad, but by about 1973 a rad with a Louisville shape came in. This improved the appearance a bit, but it was still plain jane cab. It was competition for the Chev/GMC Titan/Asto, but was a more basic vehicle.

They were not built to last for decades, so I was pleased to see one on the July 1 weeekend. Mind you it hasn't been driven much in recent years. It has spent most of its time at New Brunswick truck stops, first at Steeves Mountain and now the Big Stop at Salisbury, with a mobile chapel trailer.

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