Friday, January 15, 2010


Sicard snow blowers - all taken in Quebec unless noted:

Modern cab

City of Dartmouth, taken in 1976.

Mini version, called Sicard Junior


The Sicard snow blower was the real thing when I was a kid -back in the 50s-and there are still several working in the area.
Arthur Simard is credited with inventing the truck mounted snow blower in 1925, selling his first one in 1927 to Outrement, Quebec. In 1939 Sicard started to make its own truck chassis and cabs. In the 1940s they developed the Sanivan, a garbage compactor body. They also branched into conventional heavy duty trucks and even highway tractors. Kenworth ended up taking them over, but the snow blower business was spun off.
SMI, as it became known, continued on with a factory in Bathurst, New Brunswick for a time.
The SMI and Sicard names are now owned by SMI-Snowblast in Watertown, NY, with Sicard SSI Group in Knowlton, QC. They still make units similar to the more modern units shown above.

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